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Beaujolais Villages 2014

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Beaujolais Villages 2014

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The opinion of the sommelier

I chose for you this nice Beaujolais Village by Château de l’Eclair, a winery I especially appreciate as I used to teach there wine tasting to tourists from all over the world ! This wine is a good example of the best Beaujolais can give when it comes to produce simple yet quality wines. I suggest you enjoy this wine before dinner paired with a nice charcuterie board. Will you be able to feel the carbonic maceration ? 



Beaujolais is divided between two kinds of soils: granite in the north and schist in the south. The best wines are elaborated on granitic soils, like the ones on which Château de l’Eclair’s vines are planted. Granite is known to give refinement and freshness to the wines as it stores water deeply and slowly waters the roots one drop after another while providing soft warmth to the grapes.

lecepage Grape variety

This variety is often called “gamay noir à jus blanc” which means “black gamay with white juice”. The reason is that this variety is special: it has a very dark skin and a very white flesh. 98% of Beaujolais’ vines are gamay. Therefore, Beaujolais alone produces the two third of gamay grown worldwide. Gamay gives to the wine fresh fruity aromas with sometimes a hint of spice.

lemillesime Vintage

The year 2014 was particularly warm and sunny in Beaujolais. But that did not allow the winemakers to just sit and relax. Indeed, a beautiful vintage is also full of challenges for winemakers. Sun helps insects thrive, so even if the winemakers know how to solve that problem, they have to work hard to avoid the use of pesticides! 

lerecoltantA winemaker, a family

“L’éclair” refers to a device that allows winemakers to easily spray natural fertilisers on the vines. It was invented by Victor Vermorel, a French eccentric politician and inventor. Vermorel bought Château Convert in 1871 from a rich family from Lyon and gave it the name of his invention.
My VitiBox, November. 2015 / bouteille

Sold by cases of 3 or 6 bottles. Delivery within 7 days. 

This wine is a good example of the best Beaujolais can give when it comes to produce simple yet quality wines.

  • Température :13° - 14°C
  • Carafage :Open just before serving 
  • Garde : until 2020
Food and wine pairings
Charcuterie board
Veal Milanese
Pont-l’Evêque cheese
Strawberry Charlotte
Appearance -Attractive ruby dress and crystal clear.
Ruby red
Nose -Open nose and pleasing the aromas of red berries.
Aromatic intensity :
Open and expressive
Wine Aromas :
Red Fruits
Aromas : Currant, blackcurrant, raspberry.

- Fresh and light mouth in the fine tannins.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :
Extra dry

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Not woody

: Medium

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