Red meat and game: what wine to choose

Today I would like to give you some suggestions to pair your red meat steaks or game with a good wine.

Red meat

The selection of wine depends on the cooking. With a steak tartare,  I prefer wines with weak tannic structure such as a light gamay. With a grilled T-bone steak, I would choose a young, full-bodied Bordeaux with strong secondary aromas. Finally, I usually match a beef filet cooked in a pan with a tannic and vintage wine like a 20 years-old Saint-Emilion.


Old wines from Burgundy, with good balance, light tannins and nice minerals go well with game such as roast grouse with blackcurrant sauce, stuffed guinea fowl with potatoes or wild boar ragù sauce with tagliatelle. Wine aromas of understory, red fruits and mushrooms will elegantly remind the wood of the wild game. Your next dinner will be delighted by Pommerd, Volnay or Gevrey Chambertin wines.

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