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  • Cheese and wine evening: instruction for use

    Would you like to invite some friends over for dinner but you don’t have time to cook? Organise a “cheese-themed evening”!

    Consider around 250g of cheese per guest and ask for the advice of a cheese lover to select excellent cheese. Think to put on the table some grape, dry fruits and of course different type of bread and baguettes (rye bread, spices and ginger bread, etc.). Contrary to common beliefs, white wine better match cheese!

    Brie de Meaux – Givry red

    Choose a lively and fruity Burgundy wine such as the Givry, which will give energy to cheese and will balance its fats.

    Bleu d’auvergne- Sauternes

    Choose a white sweet wine slightly liquorish like the Sauternes. Sugar will sweeten the strong taste of cheese.

    Saint Marcellin – Croze Hermitages white

    My heart selects a rounded and aromatic wine, like a Croze Hermitages from the Rhone Valley.

    Camembert – Vouvray white dry

    To avoid the tannic reds which will ruin the cheese and choose a dry Vouvray, soupple but lively, which will contrast the oily texture of camembert

    Goat cheese - Sancerre blanc

    I select fresh white wine, with acide notes and nice mineral elements such as the sancerre if the goat cheese is creamy or a smoky Pouilly if the cheese is hard and ripened.

    Comté – Vin jaune du jura

    A young wine will enhance notes of dried fruits and spice that we find in the cheese.

    The cheese and wine match is even better if the cheese has been ageing for some years.

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