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«3» Côtes du Rhône 2015, Côtes du Rhône

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«3» Côtes du Rhône 2015 - Côtes du Rhône

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The opinion of the sommelier

With its amazing flavours of thyme and cardamom, this wine reminds me a nice walk in the garrigue facing the sunset, when the mistral gets fresher and seems to be saying “time to go back home and to uncork a bottle”. I found that the aromas of this wine were remarkably refined and its texture was really smooth but without being fat, which is pretty rare and of course, nice on the palate ! 



In the southern Rhône Valley, the sun heats hard. However, wines elaborated there are full of refinement and freshness. Why is it so ? Thanks to soils rich in clay ! Indeed, clay has a strong ability to store water. Therefore, the ground remains relatively cold and wet, which cools the vines when the heat gets too high and rehydrates the grapes when needed.

lecepage Grape variety

Along the Rhône River, there are countless vines. But have you noticed that the black grapes could look very different from one vine to another ? You might have noticed that some of them are especially dark with dark blue reflections. These vines are grenache, the prominent grape variety in Southern Rhône Valley. It’s a tasty variety, known for giving grapes a high level of sugar and fruity aromas.

lemillesime Vintage

2015 is going to be a talking matter for quite long. Indeed, this vintage is considered exceptional in most regions of France, including Rhône Valley. Spring was gentle, with stable temperatures which allowed a regular flowering, very important to get grapes that ripen simultaneously. Then, summer was really hot and the grapes ripened fast, and eventually, just a few rains during the second half of August refreshed and nurtured the vines just in time to harvest perfect grapes. 

lerecoltant A winemaker, a family

The Cellier Family has been cultivating their estate for eight generations. Its particularity ? Instead of producing a lot of Côtes du Rhône and a little Châteauneuf-du-Pape, they do the opposite with 13 hectares in Châteauneuf and only half an hectare in Côtes du Rhône. As you can guess, they take special care of this half hectares that they treat with as much as attention as their Chateauneuf ’s vines.
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The aromas of this wine were remarkably refined and its texture was really smooth but without being fat, which is pretty rare and of course, nice on the palate !

  • Température :14° - 16°C
  • Carafage :Open just before serving 
  • Garde :until 2018
Food and wine pairings
Saucisson en croûte
Flank steak with shallot sauce
Raspberry crumble
Appearance -A limpid ruby dress.
Ruby red
Nose -Open and pleasant nose to the aromas of thyme and cardamom.
Aromatic intensity :
Open and expressive
Wine Aromas :
Plants and vegetables
Aromas : thyme, cardamom.

- Fresh and pleasant mouth.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Light wooden touches

: medium

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