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Les Secrets de la Licorne 2017, Domaine de Brunely, Vacqueyras

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Les Secrets de la Licorne 2017 - Domaine de Brunely, Vacqueyras

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The opinion of the sommelier

Located on the astonishing Dentelles de Montmirail, Vacqueyras is not the most famous appellation in the Southern Rhone valley but it is known in the region as the appellation that defines the style of what should à Southern Rhone wine taste like. Secrets de la Licorne complies with that rule with its strong tannins, its full body and its long finish.  



This 1441 hectares wide terroir is cut in many parcels of small sizes which make the work of winemakers very demanding. The appellation benefits from a good sunshine and regular winds which give fresh and harmonious wines with more finesse than the neighbouring appellations.

lecepage Grape variety

Grenache gives deep fruity wines with a dark colour. It’s often blended with Syrah to give freshness and flowery flavours and sometimes with Mourvedre as in this cuvee where it brings tannins and peppery aromas.

lemillesime Vintage

Rhône was spared by the quality problem that hit badly several regions in France in 2017. But frost and hail stroke so if the wine is still good as those phenomena do not have impact on quality, there is not a lot of wine so enjoy as there won’t be a lot of bottles of 2017 Vacqueyras ! 

lerecoltant A winemaker, a family

Brunely’s story started in Sarrians, one of the village part of the Vacqueyras appellation. The winery built it expertise on this appellation before expanding on almost all the appellations in Southern Rhone valley. The unicorn (Licorne in French) you’ll see on the label was a sculpture given by the pope Martin the 5th to Mr Pellegirin de Brunnelis who fought to defend the Pope’s land in Central Italy.
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Sold by cases of 3 or 6 bottles. Delivery within 7 days. 

Secrets de la Licorne complies with that rule with its strong tannins, its full body and its long finish.

  • Température :16° - 18°C
  • Carafage :Open just before serving 
  • Garde :until 2021
Food and wine pairings
Tomato pie
Appearance -A grenat robe with viscous tears and marked intensity.
Nose -A pleasant and expressive nose to the aromas of black fruits and spices.
Aromatic intensity :
Open and expressive
Wine Aromas :
Red Fruits
Aromas : blackberry, morello, licorice, black pepper

- Pleasant mouth with delicate tanins.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :
Extra dry

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Not woody

: long

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