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Les Griottes 2015 - Côtes du Rhône

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The opinion of the sommelier

In French, “griottes” means Morello cherry. A particularly relevant name as the wine displays very seducing cherry flavours. You can also find aromas of coffee and cocoa that will pair perfectly with a chocolate tart. The whole is carried by a remarkably thin tannic structure. This kind of wine, with powerful aromas and a thin structure, underlines the winemaker’s great skills. Moreover, this kind of red wine is particularily fit for dessert, which is not that common ! 



The northern Rhone Valley’s vineyards are characterized by very narrow steep slopes. The inclination of the slopes allows good drainage of the water thus limiting the water supply to the vine. Vines therefore face a strong water stress that favours grapes’concentration. The wines are then more concentrated, and provide a beautiful tannic mouth feeling. Keep in mind that no good things come without any suffering !

lecepage Grape variety

Grenache with syrah is the emblematic blend of the southern Rhône. The reason why it is emblematic is simply because these two grape varieties are good together ! Grenache, which brings very ripe fruit, alcohol and unctuousness in the mouth, might seems a little heavy. But Syrah, a dashing variety full of freshness and spices, tones the Grenache and the whole gives a balanced blend.

lemillesime Vintage

Whether we are talking about the southern or northern part, 2015 is undoubtedly a beautiful vintage for Rhone wines. It is particularly characterized by homogeneous harvests of all grape varieties, which means that all the berries matured at the same pace. And who says homogeneous harvests says superb blends ! 

lerecoltant A winemaker, a family

Located in Condrieu since 1876, Maison Denuzière is characterized by being the first trading house in the Northern Rhone Valley. If they are more known for the prestigious crus they make in Condrieu or Côte-Rôtie, maison Denuzière also produces more accessible wines that are made with the same care and are thought to offer some ageing potential.
My VitiBox, April. 2017 / bouteille

Sold by cases of 3 or 6 bottles. Delivery within 7 days. 

This kind of wine, with powerful aromas and a thin structure, underlines the winemaker’s great skills.

  • Température : 16° - 18°C
  • Carafage :Open just before serving 
  • Garde :until 2020
Food and wine pairings
Wild boar sausage
Lacquered pork with apples
Tomme de Savoie
Chocolate and caramel tart
Appearance -A beautiful cherry dress with thick tears.
Nose -An expressive and pleasant nose to the aromas of fruity, vegetal and roasted.
Aromatic intensity :
Wine Aromas :
Plants and vegetables
Aromas : Fig, cherry, coffee chocolate, thyme

- A pleasant mouth.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :
Extra dry

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Harmonious wood flavours

: medium

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