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Malbec 2006, Touraine

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Malbec 2006 - Touraine

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The opinion of the sommelier

Drinking ten years old wines is not that common and even less with wines from the Loire Valley ! That’s why I am happy to present you this 2006 malbec that literally impressed me. This wine displays at the same time a nice freshness and abundant but thin tannins. These two facts allowed it to age through all these years. Nowadays, this wine exhales nice aromas or red pepper, humus and mushrooms. The silky texture is also an enchantment. All my congratulations to the winemakers ! 



The vines that were used to elaborate this Malbec grow on a specific soil called “perruches”. This kind of soil, relatively rare elsewhere in the world, is in fact quite common in the Loire Valley. It’s a blend of flint, clay and silica. Flint keeps the warmth and bring minerality, whereas clay and silica stress the vines so those give the best out of themselves, forcing the grapes to concentrate.

lecepage Grape variety

Malbec is originally from Cahors, a famous wine producing town in the South West of France. During Renaissance, it was imported in the Loire Valley where it’s better known under the name of “côt”. It’s a slowgrowing variety that demands to be harvested at full maturity. It is also very sensitive to frost. Cultivating it in Touraine, a northern region, is therefore a pretty rough challenge !

lemillesime Vintage

Like other wine producing regions, Loire Valley suffered from difficult weather conditions in 2006. The beginning of the year was relatively cold and August was rainy. Because of humidity, the risk of rot was so high that most winemakers decided to harvest a little early. Therefore, the great wines were made by the team able to select only the best grapes, as Violine du Roy did ! 

lerecoltant A winemaker, a family

Violine du Roy is not a traditional wine estate. It is basically the association of several talented winemakers who decided to put part of their grapes and skills together to try to make new unconventional small batches. With this Malbec, they wanted to show that by selecting the right grapes and vinifying it the right way, you can obtain wines that can age up to 20 years !
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Sold by cases of 3 or 6 bottles. Delivery within 7 days. 

This wine displays at the same time a nice freshness and abundant but thin tannins.

  • Température :14° - 16°C
  • Carafage :Open just before serving 
  • Garde :until 2019
Food and wine pairings
Blood sausage with apples
Blackberry Clafoutis
Appearance -A beautiful bright purplish red dress.
Purplish red
Nose -On the nose are revealed pretty aromas of green pepper and humus.
Aromatic intensity :
Open and expressive
Wine Aromas :
Plants and vegetables
Aromas : green pepper, humus.

- A mouth with a nice acidity and soft tannins.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :
Extra dry

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Harmonious wood flavours

: long

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