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Mas des Montagnes 2014, Languedoc

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Mas des Montagnes 2014 - Languedoc

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The opinion of the sommelier

Lorgeril is becoming an institution in the Languedoc region. Their 6 vineyards’ reputation grows year after year. That’s why I am really glad to offer you the opportunity to taste Mas des Montagnes. As its name shows (montagne means mountain), this wine was elaborated on a high terroir which gives to Languedoc’s wines a lot of freshness and a delicate touch. It also reveals the deep spicy aromas syrah can develop when submitted to chilly winds. 



Mas des Montagnes is located on a plateau around 300 meters high on the Pyrenees’ foothills. The plateau is perfectly exposed to sun and wind, an ideal situation to ensure complexity, power and of course freshness to balance the wine and gives it drinkability. If you want to check by yourself, drink this wine with your friends : you’ll see how fast the bottle gets empty.

lecepage Grape variety

Thanks to the spicy flavours it gives, syrah is easily recognizable in this wine. However, grenache is really essential in the blend. Indeed, it brings fruity aromas like blackcurrant that balance syrah’s peppery aromas but it also brings creaminess. Tat’s why Mas des Montagne’s texture is so smooth and so flattering on the palate !

lemillesime Vintage

2014 in Languedoc is what we call a reverse vintage. What does it mean ? It’s simple : spring was warm and sunny but summer was chilly and rainy. Therefore, at the end of spring, young berries were amazing but then it ripened very slowly until late at the end of summer. The result is a wine maybe not as powerful as other vintages, but with a lot more complexity, freshness and therefore length. 

lerecoltant A winemaker, a family

Mas des Montagnes is the last born of Lorgeril vineyards. Miren and Nicolas de Lorgeril, current owners, fell in love at first sight with the site. Imagine the place : lying before the Pyrenees, facing Mont Canigou, vines are planted in cluster covering the flanks of the numerous small hills giving the plateau its relief.
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It also reveals the deep spicy aromas syrah can develop when submitted to chilly winds.

  • Température : 16°C
  • Carafage :Open 10 minutes before serving 
  • Garde :until 2019
Food and wine pairings
Veal Saltimbocca
Bacon wrapped veal roast
Blueberry pie
Appearance -A beautiful ruby dress.
Ruby red
Nose -Expressive and pleasant nose to the aromas of spices and red fruits.
Aromatic intensity :
Open and expressive
Wine Aromas :
Red Fruits
Aromas : Pepper, blackcurrant.

- A tangy mouth.

Acidity level :

Sugar Level :

Body / alcohol :

Tannins :

Wood level :
Light wooden touches

: long

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