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Why should I suscribe to My VitiBox?

Why subscribe to My VitiBox? By subscribing to My VitiBox Wine Tasting Plan, you learn how to choose, taste and enjoy great wine. Within a year, you'll become a true connoisseur. By subscribing to My VitiBox Cellar Plan, you can build a wine cellar month after month and you can start aging wine that will be excellent in 3 to 10 years. 

How do you select the wine that goes in the box?

Our selection process is rigorous and demanding. We select only high quality wine and we prefer working with talented and emerging wineries. Each month the Vitibox covers a different aspect of the world of wine and the wineries need to be correlated with the topic of the month. Alain Gousse, sommelier of the Pavillon de la Rotonde in Lyon and former sommelier at La Tour D'Argent in Paris, validates the selection of our wine. 

How can I be sure that I am doing a good deal by subscribing to My VitiBox?

By subscribing, you trust us and we will do our best for not disappointing you. If you want to buy our same wine from an enoteca, this will cost you much more that our subscription!

What will I learn about the world of wine if I subscribe to the Wine Tasting Plan?

Our objective is to teach you how to chose the wine at the restaurant, how  to enjoy great wine,how  to recognize the aromas, how to recognise the grape varieties and the year and finally what are the best food and wine pairings.

I  missed the past boxes because I wasn't subscribed yet. How can I make up the previous cases?

During the first weeks following your registration, we will send you an email with our Vitiguide to teach you the basic of the wine tasting.  We also suggest you to spend a little time on our blog, read our articles and watch our videos so that you can have a quick catch up! In any case, you don't need to worry we will ensure that you can discover the world of wine with our new releases.

Can I choose the wine that I will receive in my VitiBox?

To keep the surprise effect, we choose the wine that goes in the Vitiboxes. But be sure that we won't let you down!

How can I purchase larger quantities of a wine that I liked?

For the 2 or 3 months following the receipt of your box, we give you the possibility to buy the wine that you have appreciated at special price (the wine are sold in cases of 3 or 6 bottles). These private sales are only reserved to our subscribers and are time-limited, so hurry up to be sure you get your preferred bottles

I'm a passionated winemaker and I would like to propose one of my wine to My VitiBox, what to do? 

With pleasure! Feel free to let us know your wines by sending us an e-mail at the address

How long does it take to you to reply to emails?

 We have an average delay of 72 hours to respond to emails. Some periods, including the box delivery, are busier than others and we can run bit late in replying your questions.


Which subscription to Choose: the Wine Tasting or the Cellar Plan?

The Wine Tasting subscription is designed for those wishing to discover the world of wine within the next year. The Cellar Plan  is perfect if you want to begin to build a vintage wine cellar by storing wine to lay down for 3 to 10 years month after month. You can also subscribe to both options since they are strongly complementary.

What's the first box that I'll get?

Normally, the first box you will receive will be the one of the month following the month in which you have subscribed. For instance, if you subscribe in September, your first box will be the box of the month of October. For avoiding any doubt, you will receive a confirmation email after each order.

Can I get the previous boxes?

Unfortunately not! But don't be upset, you will find some nice surprises in the upcoming boxes! ;-)

How can I unsubscribe?

f you have opted for the not binding monthly subscription, you can unsubscribe directly on your account settings, by clicking on my subscription and then pressing the button "unsuscribe". An email confirming that you have successfully unsubscribe should have been sent to you. You have until the 25th of every month to unsubscribe for the next month. For example, if you unsubscribe the 24th of April, I won't receive the VitiBox of May. On the contary, if you unsubscribe the 26th of April, you will receice the wine case on May but not anymore in June.

Please be aware that if you own a non-binding montly subscription, you can't subscribe before 1 month.

The subscribers to 3, 6 or 12 month paid in advance options cannot unsubscribe before the end of their subscription. In some specific situation, please contact us at the address

Can I subscribe for 1 month only? 

Our monthly subscription option doesn't have a fixed term. To subscribe for one month only, just subscribe and unsubscribe before the 25th of the following month.

Can I subscribe for 6 or 12 months?

You can choose either you subscribe to a non biding option with automatic withdrawal each month either you subscribe to a 6 or 12 month plan and pay everything in advance. In this second case, once you subscribe you can't unsubscribe.

Will I receive a VitiBox in August?

In August, part of our team and most of our subscribers go on holidays. So we decided not to send the VitiBox in August to avoid any delivery problem. Therefore, if you have opted for a monthly subscription option, you won't see our automatic withdrawal on your bills. For the paid in advance option, you won't receive a box in  August, but you will still receive 6 or 12 boxes according to your plan. For example, if you subscribe for 6 months the 12th of June, you will receive the box in June, July, September and the following 3 months.

I'm leaving for long time and will not be able to collect my box. What to do?

No problem, if you let us know sufficiently in advance by emailing to (i.e. before the 25th of the month before you leave), you can change your delivery address for the following period. If you wish, we can also suspend your subscription for a month whitout any additional charge.



With what carrier you work with?

The Royal Mail or the postal service of your country is in charge of delivering your box to your door. If you are not home when the postman arrives, you will find a passage notice that will allow you to collect your parcel at the closes post office. If you won't find any notice, you should call the postal service. If you ahve the possibility, don't hesitate to have your orders delivered to your work address. This will avoid you to have to go and collect the parcel at your postal office.

When I will receive my Box?

Your wine box should arrive in your postbox around the 15th of each month. The trackability does not depend on us, we therefore advise you to wait until the 20th before start worrying. Please remember that the first box you will receive will be the of the month following the month in which you have subscribed. So if you subscribe in September, your first box will be delivered to you in October.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can easily edit your delivery address by going under the section "my account" => "my address". However, you must change your address before the 25th of the month if you want us to deliver to the new address. On the contrary, we won't be able to deliver to the new address if you have made your amendements after the 25th of the previous month.

Are delivery costs included in the price of the subscription plans?

 Our subscriptions rates are not inclusive of shipping costs. It is necessary to add £5 per month for the Wine Tasting plans and £6 for the Cellar Plan. In reality, the shipping costs it's more expensive for us, but we subsidise a part because we want to offer you the VitiBox at a very competitive price.

I haven't received my VitiBox yet, is it normal? 

The Box should arrive in your postbox around the 15th of each month. The trackability does not depend on us, therefore we advise you to wait until the 20th before you start worrying. Please note that the first box you will receive will be the one of the month following the month in which you sign up. So if you subscribe in September, your first box will be the box of October.

I was unable to collect my package in time at the post, what to do?

If the time limit of 15 working days during which your VitiBox was available in your post office has elapsed, it will be automatically returned to us. In this case, contact us at and we will find a solution.

Is there any risk for the wine to be damaged during transportation?

We have worked hard with our cardboard supplier to build the best packaging to carry and protect your bottles. We have developed and tested several prototypes before arriving this innovative packaging which is working well. The risk that the wine is damaged in transport is therefore minimal.

My VitiBox was delivered in poor conditions (broken bottles, missing products). What to do?

If your VitiBox arrived in poor conditions (broken bottles, missing parts), please take pictures of your box and contact us at the address Together, we will try to find the best solution. 



How can I change my password?

You can reset your password by going under My Account => My personal information => Modify my password.

I can't log into my account. What to do?

We recommend that you try to log in with all your email addresses. If you still do not succeed, write us at 



I have a problem with the payment: it appears a yellow page; my promo code is not working. Who to contact?

It is possible that your bank requires a special permission for the online payments. If the payment fails, you will need the contact your bank to solve this problem. If you can't find a solution, please feel free to contact us at

Can I pay my Box through Paypal ou American Express?

Unfortunately, at the moment this is still not possible.

My card has expired. How do I change my payment details?

You can change themf by logging into your 'my account' and going under the section "my payment details"

I've been unsubscribed because I forgot to change my payment details in time, what to do?

If you forgot to change you payments detail before your card expired you will be automatically unsubscribed. If you want to get your VitiBox, you will need to subscribe again.

When does the automatic withdrawal occur?

For monthly subscriptions, the automatic withdrawal are taken at the beginning of each month.

Where can I find my invoices?

If you want an invoice, please send us an e-mail at the service@myvitibox asking for it. And we will send you your invoice within 48 working hours.


TO offer a My VitiBox subscription to a Friend. How does it work?

It is very simple, you just have to click on "offer a subscription" under the page "subscribe". You can also write a customised message for your friend. You can then choose between two options:

(i) We will send you a lovely personalized card that you can give to your friend by hand. This card will contain a gift code that your friend will need to activate by visiting our website. He will also need to enter his delivery address.

(ii) You can write the delivery address of your friend in the appropriate fields. We will deliver his first wine box to his door and we will send him an email with your message.

I would like to offer by person the subscription to my friend, what solution do you suggest?

In this case, we send you a lovely personalized card that you can give to your friend by hand. The card contains a gift code. He/she only has to log in on our website and set his delivery address.

I do not know the delivery address of my friend, how can I offer him/her a subscription in this case?

In this case, we send you a lovely personalized card that you can give to your friend by hand. The card contains a gift code. He/She only has to log in on our website and set his delivery address.

It's a bit expensive for a gift, what to do?

You are not obliged to offer your friend one year subscription. You can choose to give him/her a 3 or 6 month subscription. In addition My VitiBox, is the perfect group-gift, so you can collect the money and offer him/her the plan that he/she would love most.


Who can purchase larger quantities of the wine in the box at special prices?

Only our subscribers have this privilege. If you wish to benefit from our exclusive rates, subscribe now.

When will I receive the wine I ordered in additional quantity? 

You will receive te wine within 30 days. Indeed, every 20 days, we group the orders made by customers during our private sales and we send the entire order to the winemakers. It takes then 8 to 10 days for the bottles to arrive at your delivery address.

Why can I only purchase cases of 3 or 6 bottles? 

To simplify our operations, we decided not to sell as single units.

The private sale of a wine that I have appricieted ended before I was able to buy the wine. What to do?

Private sales are limited in time and stocks. So if you enjoyed your VitiBox wine and you want to buy it in larger quantities, hurry up!

How much are the shipping costs of bottles purchased in additional quantities?

 Delivery charges are £9.90 for the first 3 bottle case and £4 for any additional case.


For any other question, send us an email to the address